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A complete e-commerce website design is offered at Fix IT PCS for all product types and budgets.


When we design an online store or e-catalogue, we aim to enthral your customers by presenting your products in bold new ways, using interesting designs and emotive language.

With our ecommerce website design service, we create stimulating shopping experiences that ensure your customers always return for more.


Professional e-commerce website design

To create your unique and engaging online store, we need to use all of our creative powers and design expertise. Every ecommerce website design we create has to be unique and carefully crafted to deliver a special experience that strengthens your brand, entices visitors and enhances your business. This cannot be achieved with an off-the-shelf solution.

Capturing the attention of new and existing customers is our first task, so we begin by conducting thorough research on your target market, paying close attention to their shopping habits and the types of ecommerce website design that appeal to them. With our imaginations running riot, we start developing the stylish images, interesting layouts and emotive descriptions that will grab your visitors’ attention and refuse to let go.


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Selecting an e-commerce platform

With the unique look of your e-commerce site in place, we focus on creating the ultimate shopping experience. Thinking more laterally, we develop the tools that make your site accessible to everyone, from casual shoppers who browse at a leisurely pace to people who want to find a specific product in an instant. With clear layouts, hyperlinks and powerful search features, we make sure that your e-commerce site makes it easy for everyone to find and buy whatever they desire.

But your e-commerce site is not just about delivering an exceptional shopping experience; it is about improving your business too. We have a wealth of web design and software development talent at our disposal, and can use our expertise to improve the way you do business. If there is a feature that could help you work more efficiently, our e-commerce website development team we will create it for you.


All of our ecommerce website design packages are designed by our team of professional web designers and developers to bring ease of use, functionality and stunning looks to your online store. Below are just a few of the features of our ecommerce website packages:

Ecommerce Custom designed ecommerce website to meet your exact requirements

Ecommerce Content Management System letting you to manage and update your online store online

Ecommerce Single product stores through to complete shopping cart systems

Ecommerce Buy now buttons and online booking forms to meet your exact requirements

Ecommerce Fully search engine optimised design for Google, Yahoo / Bing, etc.

Our UK based team of professional web designers and developers are waiting to start work on your ecommerce website. We look forward to working closely with you, listening to your ideas, creating design drafts and keeping you in contact with your designers during the final development of your functional ecommerce website.

We can help you sell your product

Sales channels, on-site merchandising, personalisation and affiliate marketing are just some of the e-commerce website design experience and understanding we can bring to the solution.

Once we have created the selling platform for your web site, our specialist digital marketing consultants will work with you to ensure that the product, price, delivery and security propositions are in place and understood by the customer.

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